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It’s time to LEVEL UP your performance program.

Take a scientific approach. We can help you to create a framework for success by using the latest sports science to educate your team on how to optimise their health and performance.

Driven by Research. Our mission is enhance the health, well being and performance of esports athletes worldwide. Its time for a change in esports.

We offer Performance Consulting in the areas of:

  • Psychology Skills Training
  • Physical Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep interventions
  • Wim Hof
  • Perceptual Cognitive Training

If you are interested in finding out more, please send an email to nextlevel@eprotrainer.com or call +44 (0) 78810 92136

Our partnership with Nuclear Storm Gaming, Ireland’s largest esports organisation.

Not convinced you need help?

Your team already trains multiple hours a day. Your team doesn’t struggle with motivation. Your team’s desire to win overtakes everything else. Right?

So why change?

Grinding endlessly is one method your team can use but this can lead to a range of mental and physical problems. People talk about the major benefits of a pro career in esports but ignore the pitfalls involved with training hard and not smart.

The grind as a badge of honour

Within the esports community, kudos is given to the athletes who sacrifice themselves to the grind. These athletes are put on the pedestal and set the pace for everyone else. Anyone who can’t keep up is seen to be left behind. This is a dangerous and unhealthy precedent.

Repetitive strain injuries

This is one of the most common types of injury in esports. Many athletes fear carpal tunnel syndrome as it can end their career but will try to persevere as they think their bodies can heal. Grinding has a price and can lead to early retirement.

Collapsed lung

This is often overlooked by athletes and although it sounds extreme, 6 high profile esports athletes have suffered from a spontaneous pneumothorax (also known as a collapsed lung) in the last several years. I don’t know about you but we like our lungs… non-collapsed. Don’t let the grind bring your physical health to a halt.

Poor health

Excessive playing can lead to exhaustion. Not taking proper care of your diet can lead to physical problems and lower confidence. Training too hard can take a toll on your mental health especially if you go on a losing streak. Playing more isn’t always the best way to get what you want out of the game.

Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)

We are against PEDs. Cheaters never win… in fact, cheaters can damage their bodies. Abuse of PEDs, such as Adderall, can have negative impacts of your heart and blood pressure. Combined with the stress of the competition and fame, this can lead to bad consequences for your body and mind.


Esports careers end for a majority of athletes in their mid-twenties. Healthy, young players are being forced out of their careers within only a few years. This is the esports industry. This is what is considered normal. This NEEDS to change.

G-Science is changing esports

Our goal at G-Science is to change the approach to training in the esports industry. We help teams to train smarter and not harder. Don’t let your team burnout early. Get a higher quality of life and enjoy the results of winning.

We use Sports Science, including psychological skills training, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise to help teams last longer and achieve more from their careers.

Be a team who wants to be healthier.

Be a team who trains smarter and not harder.

Be a team who lasts longer than anyone else.

Beat the grind. Change the game.

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