The future of esports performance…

The current state of esports athletes overall health is not something that we, members of the esports industry, should be proud of. 

Players are training for endless hours, with little to no routine. Their lifestyles largely consist of consuming highly caffeinated energy drinks in excess, achieving inadequate quality levels of sleep and adopting very sedentary behaviour. 

Presently, most gamers retire before the age of 22 (that’s younger than most graduates) and before their career has even had the chance to fully develop. Poor training routines are the reason for this.

The current gaming lifestyle is not sustainable. It’s causing dangerously profound levels of burnout and is shortening careers of young esports stars.

This needs to change, and G-Science are leading the revolution using our athlete monitoring system. landing page. has been designed to capture and analyse player data that is used to provide coaches with realtime statistics and information about their players health and wellbeing.

The app captures three different sets of performance data. It collects biometric and psychological data via athlete input and then integrates with both FitBit & Apple Watch. Our powerful proprietary algorithm and scientific model then converts the recorded data into game changing performance insights.

Following on from the analysis, the results are displayed in a real-time interactive dashboard that breaks down the health and performance statistics for each esports athlete. Using this tool, coaches are empowered to make better informed decisions around the periodisation of training and athlete management.

Finally, our ‘Good to Game’ score provides a go to summary of an athletes current health and performance capabilities. is empowering coaches to work with the rest of their team to tackle the high levels of burnout currently within the industry. It is our solution to the high levels of poor physical and mental health within esports.

We imagine a future where the negative stigma around esports is gone and athletes health is taken seriously. We want athletes to thrive rather than suffer from the long grind that they endure today. It’s time to train smarter, not harder.

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