G-Science and NSG, working together to take esports to the next level…

We are proud to officially announce our partnership with Nuclear Storm Gaming (NSG), the largest esports organisation in Ireland.

At G-Science, we are focused on eliminating burnout within esports. Our vision is to shift the whole ethos of the esports community. We aim to use our athlete monitoring system to facilitate smarter training through providing esports coaches with live stats regarding their players health. Subsequently allowing them to make smarter decisions about training loads and alleviate high levels of burnout.

By utilising our science backed training methods, our athletes learn to maximise the efficiency of their training and achieve overall better performance whilst improving their health and wellbeing. We also ensure that our athletes build healthy habits to prolong their career lifespans, by helping them train smarter, not harder. Eight to twelve hour days are no longer needed.

NSG have been on our radar since day one. They have teams currently competing in Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League. When we first met with Director Stuart it was clear he wanted to take his gaming organisation to the next level, and we wanted to not only assist with this, but really be a part of it.

Just over six weeks ago we enlisted three of NSG’s Rocket League players to participate in our market validation case study. Each player recieved an individual consultation, where we found out more about them and established performance baslines.

Following a needs analysis, the players received an individualised health and well-being plan, accompanied by guidance on best practice for implementation. Weekly check ins with athletes and conversations with Stuart, have provided the positive feedback we needed to validate our hypothesis. The players have since testified to an overall increased sense of health and well-being, which in turn has improved their focus, performance and sleep quality.

The next steps of our partnership will include an app trial, so we can leverage Stuarts industry knowledge and expertise to provide vital feedback on our MVP. Read on below for an example player feedback so far…


Ryan’s top tips on sleep interventions have helped me feel more energetic when I wake up in the morning and now that I’m sleeping better, my concentration levels have increased, improving my in game performance.


Using the Wim Hof method I am better able to stay calm during intense game situations and clear my mind so that I can focus on the game.


I used to struggle a lot with sleep, especially falling asleep, spending over an hour awake laying in bed. With Ryan’s guide and steps on how to have a better nights sleep, I found myself waking up feeling refreshed and focused. Would recommend.

We are really looking forward to working with NSG, watch this space for some great content coming soon.