Entering the stratosphere!

Another really hectic fortnight – excuse the Propel pun but I really feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground. As the initial buzz/excitement has worn off a little, week 3 and 4 have been about finding my direction, focus and learning that to be productive I need to stop chatting to everyone, get my headphones in and my head down! I know I am Northern Irish, but I really can talk for England. A few key takeaways from the past couple of weeks:

Week 3:

  • Bit of a tough week personally. Felt low on motivation and a little bit lost, coupled with the stress of moving to a new house – which is all done now (hooray) so that’s a good silver lining.
  • We had another great Founder Fireside chat with Kyle Gawley. After hearing his story of dealing with pressure and stress (which really spoke to me again), and what an interesting character he is, living remotely in Thailand whilst being the successful CEO of Get Invited, I am looking forward to a one to one catch up with him this coming week.

  • Despite a wobbly start, the week got better, and I finished on a high with a landing page built, 55 responses to my market research questionnaire and a clear plan for validating my value hypothesis (eSports Coach pending).

Week 4:

Founder fireside 

Chris and Ian delivered a brilliant founder fireside. Getting to grill our mentors about their experiences as entrepreneurs was such a treat. We heard two very different stories about how to scale a business.

  • Chris went down the venture capital route which took him to San Francisco on an exciting journey, whereas Ian took an alternative approach, not selling equity in his company and building it from the bottom up over several years, to then be successfully acquired.
  • I think the highlight from Chris’ story was his vision for Brewbot. I love the idea and if you don’t know already, it is a robot that brews beer – take my money! Chris brings a unique creativity and way of thinking that fosters great energy. It’s contagieous.
  • Ian asked himself some very important questions early on such as: “What are the problems faced by my user? How will my customer use this product?” He went out to local GPs and found out who he was selling to (middle aged women, who he apparently goes down a treat with 😉) and started to understand how to make a product that his end user wanted. He was quickly able to build and test his ideas, which ultimately led to a successful product that had millions of users. It was this kind of proactive and problem-solving thinking that made Ian a success. Something that I hope to learn from.
  • Both Ian and Chris bring so much to Propel as mentors, with such varying experience. I feel privileged to be working with them.


Coffee with Kyle Gawley

  • I met with Kyle and and chatted through my vision for the company and why I want to be an entrepreneur. Which really got me thinking…
  • My vision is to turn G-Science into a global talent and training academy. Taking the best amateur gamers and helping them turn pro whilst educating them on how to optimise their physical and mental health along the way.
  • Why? – I always embrace challenge, I love learning new things and meeting new people. I want financial freedom and autonomy over my life. I want to lead and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Photography 101 workshop with Simon Mills

  • This was intriguing. I have learned so much about how much thought goes into a single photo. From the basics such as ‘the rule of thirds’ to ‘the rule of odds’ to understanding how light, space and texture can affect a photo. 


Atto– Building a Brand Worth Trusting

  • Pick a fight: why you and your business? What are you going to do differently than everyone else, what problem have you identified that no one is doing anything about? Well in my case…
  • My biggest issue with esports is that there remains such a high level of burnout from amateur to pro level. Esports players haven’t been given the same ‘Athlete’ status as ‘conventional sports’ even though they are under the same (if not more) cognitive and mental stress.
  • In many cases, they aren’t equipped with the knowledge or tools to deal with the lifestyle and performance pressures of esports. With such high levels of inactivity and mental health issues I decided this needed to change. I am offering gamers the chance to learn more about how leading a healthy lifestyle can not only optimise their performance and make them better gamers, but also enhance their life. I am taking a scientific approach using Sports science (psychological skills training, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise) and my practical esports knowledge to develop holistic training programs that will optimise esports players health and performance.

Esports Pefrmance coach

Nuclear Storm Gaming ™

Esports coached comfirmed/ partnership with NSG esports – I am excited to be working with NSG over the next 6 weeks and will be using this opportunity as a case study to show how taking a sports science approach to gaming can improve esports players performance and health.


Thanks very much for reading and chat to you soon!

All the best,