G-Science consists of a team of Sports Scientists and Performance coaches. We offer an innovative approach to tracking the health and well being of esports athletes, using sports science and technology.

Our Vision

Change the ethos within the community around training and the ‘grind’, to promote healthy alternatives that will enhance the health and performance of esports athletes. Train smarter, NOT harder.

Esports athletes are under the same cognitive stress as individuals who compete in ‘conventional sports’. However, many players aren’t equipped with the knowledge or tools to deal with the lifestyle and performance pressures of esports.

From personal experience we acknowledge that there are high levels of inactivity and mental health issues within the esports industry. We want to tackle this.

We are offering gamers of any level the chance to learn more about how leading a healthy lifestyle will enhance their life, improve performance, and lead to a happier generation of players. Living a healthy lifestyle will give you the competitive edge you need.

We use Sports Science, including psychological skills training, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise, as part of our holistic approach to enhancing the performance of esports athletes.

Beat the grind. Change the game.


Ryan Scollan – Founder, CEO

Ryan studied Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough university and the University of Western Australia. He completed his thesis in neuromuscular physiology and skill acquisition. He has been a coach and a PT for 5 years.

Mollie Drew

Mollie studied Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University and decided to specialise in Sport Psychology after her placement year with the British Army. Mollie is commencing further study in Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast in October 2019.

Performance Team

Ilias Pajoheshfar – Performance Coach

Ilias has 5 years of experience coaching esports. He has a background in psychology, anthropology and traditional sports coaching. He has coached teams such as Pakistan at the 18th Asian Games and specialises in 1 to 1 coaching.

Jamie Kiff – Performance Scientist

Jamie studied Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University. He has a background in elite sports and strength & conditioning within some of the UK’s most well-known sports teams.

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