What is G-Science?

Our vision is to shift the whole ethos of the esports community. We aim to use our eathlete monitoring system to facilitate smarter training for esports athletes and in doing so, focus on tackling the issue of burnout.

Maximise esports performance

Maximise performance. Eliminate burnout.

By utilising science-backed training methods, G-Science helps esports athletes to develop a healthier training routine. Our athletes learn to maximise the efficiency of their training, which reduces fatigue and burnout.

Improve esports mental health

Healthier. Happier.

At G-Science, we ensure that our esports athletes are building good habits and training responsibly to prolong their career lifespans. We help our athletes to train smarter, not harder; 8-12 hour days are no longer needed.

Strengthen your weakest link.

Your team may play like machines, but they are all human and require top tier support for their physical and mental health. By working with G-Science, you are giving your team the assurance that their health and wellbeing is a top priority. Create a stronger and more robust team capable of maintaining focus in high pressure environments.

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“Ryan’s top tips on sleep interventions have helped me feel more energetic when I wake up in the morning and now that I’m sleeping better, my concentration levels have increased, improving my in game performance.”

Pandaa: Nuclear Storm Gaming

“I used to struggle a lot with sleep, especially falling asleep, spending over an hour awake laying in bed. With Ryan’s guide and steps on how to have a better nights sleep, I found myself waking up feeling refreshed and focused. Would recommend.”

NSG Enwrong: Nuclear Storm Gaming

“Using the Wim Hof method I am better able to stay calm during intense game situations and clear my mind so that I can focus on the game.”

NSG Arctic: Nuclear Storm Gaming